This is the blog I'm using now, I'd love to have you all back on my blog

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My new tumblr is posted below. Follow if you wish.


In the process of making a new tumblr.

Playing detective to try and find one of my favorite blogs coz he keeps changing his URL every time I get used to the new one.

Debating remaking my tumblr so that I’m not following 3000+ people and only following blogs I like.

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Anonymous said: you should change your url.


My blog doesn’t feel like my blog anymore.

It’s the same thing every day. I go on, follow everyone back, try to ignore the messages that I get notified for but don’t get, reblog pretty girls and weed. But it doesn’t feel like mine anymore. It feels like one that I’m running just to appease everyone else. And while I like pretty girls and weed, I want my blog to go back to being my blog. A way to express myself and what I’m feeling. And not having to care about how many people are following me. I just want it to be my blog.

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"I will love you til we are buried."

-Isles & Glaciers
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I don’t like people.

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thebirthdaybook said: hey! You have a great blog. (: Come check out our blog and find out what your birthday says about you. we blog about famous celeb birthdays and include a website where you can find out everything about your special day!! Have a WONDERFUL day (: ps we follow back ;)

Hi :) I’ll be sure to check your blog out tomorrow when I get on the computer ^^

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